Andrew Tate Blames ‘Bot Farm’ As He Strikes Back at Greta Thunberg’s Brutal Roast


Former cage fighter Andrew Tate accused “bots” of appreciating his “little energy” of Greta Thunberg on Twitter before striking back at the activist himself.

Andrew Tate locked horns with Greta Thunberg, probably not what everyone expected to see on Twitter on December 27.

After the Internet personality boasted to Thunberg that she had 33 cars, the Swedish activist sensationally applauded in response. Asking Tate to write to her at “smalld*[email protected] “, her roast has gained more than 2 million likes and almost 500,000 retweets.

Now Tate has answered.

At first, he blamed “bots” for the number of likes that Greta’s tweet retweeted Jackson Hinkle’s post. It said that “Greta Thunberg’s response to Andrew Tate is the most popular tweet I’ve ever seen.”

Then he began to answer directly, first describing her as someone who advocates that governments “tax you to poverty so that the sun does not bake.”

In a longer response, Tate thanked her for “confirming through her email address that Greta Thunberg has a small penis. The world was curious. And I agree that you should get a life.”

In the attached video, while smoking a branded cigar, Tate teased that Greta had leaked her own email address. He also said he wasn’t “mad” at her.

“I’m not really mad at Greta,” he said. “Because she doesn’t understand that she’s been programmed. She doesn’t realize that she is a slave to the matrix. She thinks she’s doing well. Someone sat her down and persuaded her to try to convince you to beg your government to tax you to poverty so that the sun wouldn’t bake.

He then stated, without providing evidence, that a “bot farm” had descended on Greta’s tweet to like and retweet the message.

“Now I know,— he finished. “This Greta… is watching my tweets. Which will make my Twitter account a lot more fun in eternity.”

Just another day on the Internet.


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