Andrew Tate and Piers Morgan grilling on TV


Andrew Tate admitted that he would have acted differently in an interview with Piers Morgan after he was banned from YouTube, TikTok, Twitter and other social media platforms.

A former kickboxer, “hateful content” is a continuation of a series of comments written by women that are nearing completion and the content has been removed by the app from the platform.

She was banned from Twitter for the first time after she was detained as a top in 2017 after sexual assaults.

In 2022, Tate will be used on TikTok with a popular and trained viral medium.

Piers Morgan angered Andrew Tate in Uncensored interview

According to Tate, widely condemned as misogynistic is a video created for Australian journalist Piers Morgan.

Morgan, Andrew will become more attractive to himself, more attractive to him after reading “this is the perfect option” for him, after reading “more” for him. Buildings like my son are more desirable. ”

Tate replied: “This is not misogyny. If a child of 18 or 19 is desirable, it will be done.” However, she said she thought she was older.

The episode starts at 2:45.

“I’m sorry if I didn’t come to you,” he continued. Apologizing, Tate added: “She will be more than happy with the excellent review.

The world says it means an evil force, and he admits, “Maybe he says it differently.”

Pierce wrote in the comments on YouTube: “Does Andrew Tate’s platform deserve to be removed?” she asked. The comment scored more than 1000 likes for writing.


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