Andrew Tate Accused of Reviving Music Career After Arrest


After the hype surrounding Andrew Tate’s presence on social media turned into a dull roar, his music career became popular after the arrest of him and his brother.

Andrew Tate is known to many for his controversial attitude towards women, money and power. In fact, the clips in which he shares his beliefs helped him become unprecedentedly popular in 2022.

But there are aspects of Tate’s life that happened before 2022 that many people may not be familiar with. For example, his short-lived appearance in the reality show “Big Brother”, the titles he won in 8 years in kickboxing, or maybe even a few rap songs that he released in 2019.

That’s right, Top G himself entered the rap game with five singles released between January 2019 and March 2020. After his arrest on December 29, social media dug up his old music videos, calling them the “real reason” for his arrest. .

Andrew Tate criticized for rap career

On December 28, climate justice activist Greta Thunberg posted one of the most popular tweets of all time with Andrew Tate. A day later, Tate will release a response video that Romanian officials reportedly used to raid Tate’s home, which led to his arrest on suspicion of human trafficking, rape and the creation of an organized criminal group.

While many Twitter users mocked Tate’s apparent self-sabotage, others dug deeper into the influencer’s life before he became famous. They found several music videos he made as a rapper in 2019, and they all reappeared online after his arrest.

Taking the nickname Mr. Plenty, Tate will release five singles featuring Kriss Kiss: Suicide, Sugar Daddy, Broken Boyz, Part Time and Forgot Your Name. Soon after the discovery of these tracks, the audience began to tear up his lyricism.

“Andrew Tate should have been arrested anyway for releasing this,” Twitter user Nezzooo commented on Tate’s track Sugar Daddy.

Another user shared what they thought was one of Tate’s worst bars from his single Part Time. “Busy making money on the hotline. I’m spending it all because you’re a penny. And you know, I had to climb… from the bottom of the pile to the top.

But many believed that Tate’s most ironic streak came from the song Suicide, in which he called out his haters three years before he became the most wanted man on the Internet. “We throw money, you throw a shadow. They knock down the door like the police during a raid.”


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