Andrew Lincoln confirms start date for Rick’s movie


Andrew Lincoln confirms filming for The Walking Dead movie in the spring if the English actor can return to the United States amid coronavirus travel restrictions. Likewise, in July 2020 producer David Alpert said that the untitled film halted production due to the COVID-19 pandemic and that he would wait for it to be safe to start filming.

As the entertainment industry moves forward with strict coronavirus protocols that allowed The Walking Dead television show to restart filming in October after months of COVID-19 delays, the Rick Grimes actor hopes to return to the country in just a few minutes. weeks:

“With good intentions, and if everything works out and I can leave my country, I plan to be back in the United States filming in the spring-summer,” revealed Lincoln.

In a December update, Lincoln said the launch of COVID-19 vaccines made it possible for The Walking Dead feature film to shoot cameras in the spring, about two years after the planned start of production in 2019.

“We’re still working on the movie. It’s happening,” writer and producer Scott Gimple previously confessed.

“We have things about the future of The Walking Dead, and a lot of very different things. I’m very excited to have something more to talk about as you enter the new year, ”added the showrunner.

Acknowledging the two-year delay since he announced Lincoln’s return in a movie trilogy now opening in theaters, Gimple added that they do a television episode in eight days but movies are a different thing.

Despite all the pressure we have on them for what they take so long, it makes them have a responsibility to do it amazing. So they will do it that way according to showrunner Scott Gimple.

In turn, a spring-summer shoot would put the Rick Grimes film on track for its theatrical release in 2022, the same year the television show finishes airing its eleventh and final 24-episode season on AMC. Don’t forget that the final season of The Walking Dead returns to AMC with new episodes on Sunday, February 28.


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