Andrew Garfield Would Like To Be Spiderman Again


Andrew Garfield: The actor admits that he would agree to play Peter Parker again, explains his disappointment with The Amazing Spiderman saga and tells what it would take. In an interview for Variety magazine, Andrew Garfield has again been asked about his role as Spiderman and has admitted that “yes, he would definitely be willing to come back.” The actor stated a few weeks ago that he felt hurt by the treatment of his character and by the cancellation of The Amazing Spiderman saga. “The producer stopped focusing on what the character means and on his soul to become obsessed with making as much money as possible,” he confessed. For this reason, in this new interview he clarifies that the only thing necessary for him to agree to return is that this time everything “felt correct.”

“Peter is a working class boy who comes from Queens, he knows loss and is deeply empathetic. I want to take that ethical framework from Peter,” he clarifies. “If there was an opportunity to go back and I could tell more of his story, he would have to be very sure of everything.” Some statements that, knowing the community, will soon turn a hypothetical The Amazing Spiderman 3 into the new Snyder Cut.

The future of Spiderman

Now that Tom Holland is not clear if he will continue as Spiderman and that a new war between Marvel and Sony seems to be looming, it is worth wondering about the future of the character. For now, Peter’s universe will be expanded through the films of two of his great enemies: Morbius (recently delayed again) and Venom (as Venom 3 became official). He also goes through two of his heirs: Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen. The story of these will continue in another animated film: Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse (which will be divided into two parts). And as if that were not enough, in video games the future of the wall-crawler is in good hands. Insomniac Games announced a few months ago that we can expect Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in 2023. So follow Holland, come back Garfield or let’s go unmasked for a season, there are cobwebs for a while.