Andrew Garfield frankly told what scared him the most when he played Spider-Man


Taking on the lead role in a comic book movie is a double—edged sword. Being an actor who puts on the iconic mantle, you can instantly become a movie star, earn millions of dollars, and also guarantee that you will have a stable job for many years to come. However, there is a downside, and Andrew Garfield admits that some aspects of playing Spider-Man scared him when he first took on this role, because the film and the character were so big, and he knew that not everyone would love him.

No matter how popular the film or the performance as a whole is, there will be those who will not like it, and in the Internet age, the voices of these fans will be amplified. When we talk about an actor playing a popular superhero, anger only intensifies. Andrew Garfield recently appeared on WTF with Marc Maron and talked about knowing that all this will happen, but knowing does not make the situation better. Garfield explained…

I think I was so excited about the experience of working on a movie like this because I never thought I’d be in this position. In addition, I felt what it’s like to create this kind of films. …On a more vulnerable level, I was just scared as hell. I was afraid of the release of this large-scale film and a huge number of people saying, “No, we don’t like you.” We don’t like your soul. We don’t like your creative solutions. We don’t like your face.” (What was) guaranteed! Absolutely. It was baked into the experience. There will be at least 50 percent of people who hate me.

And, to be honest, he was not mistaken. The New Spider-Man had a lot of contradictions from the very beginning. Even before Andrew Garfield was chosen, there were many fans who decided they didn’t like it, due to the fact that the Spider-Man story underwent a reboot so soon after Spider-Man 3. And critical reaction Both films with Andrew Garfield were not very good, which led to the fact that the “New Spider-Man” franchise came to an end after only two films. Even Sally Field, who was in the movies, didn’t care about them.

But while not everyone likes these Spider-Man movies, many liked Andrew Garfield in them. He clearly proved to be a great actor in other roles, and many liked him as Spider-Man, even among those who disliked movies for other reasons. With the return of Garfield in Spider-Man: Far from Home, there has been a new outpouring of love for Garfield’s Peter Parker, and even calls to reconsider this franchise.

While “The New Spider-Man 3” seems unlikely, as the multiverse will become an active element of the Marvel cinematic universe over the next few years, we may see more of Garfield’s Spider-Man before all is said and done, although that’s not all. however, not everyone will like it.


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