Andrea Valdiri Makes You Delirious With Her Most Natural Side


Eye out! Andrea Valdiri makes you delirious with her most natural side! The model is recorded in the forest and wakes up even the little birds.

Andrea Valdiri knows how to generate content that raises the revolutions to the limit and her new podcast on Instagram has it all: a natural location, dew drops and her infamous body that delights her followers, with her slow and cadentious movements.

The Barranquilla model was Mrs. Colombia in 2015 and since then she has known how to exploit her fame, especially through the use of social networks as true weapons of desire. With more than 3 million followers, the model is an unprecedented success.

Andrea’s name became relevant when images of her privacy were leaked. Despite her anger and sadness over this incident, she has managed to overcome and move on from the macho comments that harass her.

Definitely, the Colombian knows how to take advantage of its lush attributes and highlight them in the best way.

The talent of Andrea Valdiri is undeniable and we know that she will break it, again and again, in her social networks.

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