Andrea Denver comments on her absence from season 7 of “Summer House”: “I’m taking a step away from television”


Break. Before filming, Andrea Denver spoke about his decision not to appear in season 7 of the Summer House.

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“I am retiring from television this year and will not be returning to the Bravo Summer House,” Andrea, 30, said in an exclusive statement to Us Weekly. “I’m focused on launching my clothing brand Son Of Wind, which is a [Italian unisex] streetwear brand designed by me and one of my childhood best friends Alberto Volpato.”

According to the reality TV star, his collection has been created for a whole year and will require his full attention. “We have taken care of everything in the smallest detail to create a brand of luxury clothing from the best materials. We will launch Son Of Wind at the end of August,” Andrea added. “But we will start placing the brand in the first US showrooms in Miami and New York starting at the end of July.”

He concluded, “I’m sorry I won’t be in the Hamptons with friends this summer, but I’m giving my full attention to the brand, and I’m very happy about it.”

The explanation of the Italian native appeared after a source close to the production confirmed that Luke Gulbranson and Alex Vah will also not return in season 7. The cast is expected to include Lindsay Hubbard, Paige DeSorbo, Kyle Cook, Amanda Batula, Karl Radke, Daniel Olivera, Ciara Miller and Maya Allen.

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Amid rumors of a personnel reshuffle, 38-year-old Luke hinted that his departure was not his choice. “I’m not going to participate in Summer House this year,” the Minnesota native said in an Instagram live broadcast on Tuesday, June 28. — I am very grateful for the last three years of participation in the show. I’m going to miss my friends. In fact, I am very, very upset that I won’t be able to spend the summer with them — it breaks my heart, but I know they will have a good time and we will be in touch.”

Andrea, for his part, recently also confirmed his absence from the second season of “Winter House”. “No. [Starting] tomorrow, I’m going to go to Hawaii to relax for a few days, and I’m not going to Vermont,” he said on The Dipp podcast “Morgan’s Pop Talks” in February. “I recently started dating, and she’s a very important person to me.”

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Bravo’s character, who debuted in the first season of Winter House, hinted at several “different reasons” for his choice.

“I feel that, on the one hand, this is a really important moment. I have just been reunited with this person who has already been a part of my life before. I really care about her. It’s too fast for me to take another vacation — to shoot with friends and all that,” he said, adding that he knows that fans “prefer” his loneliness on the screen. “The truth is that I felt this need, something coming from within. You can’t control it. I know some people would like me to be single, but at the same time my heart belongs to someone and I am happy. That’s the most important thing.”

With a report by Sarah Chiron