Andre Cronje Signed Token Made A Lot In A Few Hours


The new project called Keep3r Network, developed by Yearn Finance founder Andre Cronje, is growing rapidly. Signed by Andre Cronje, the KP3R token gained more than 2,000 percent within a few hours of its launch.

Andre Cronje, who has become one of the most famous names in the crypto money world, continues to attract attention with his new project. The project named Keep3r Network, which Cronje first introduced a week ago, was launched yesterday in beta. Designed by Andre Cronje for Keep3r Network, the token named KP3R began to be bought and sold through Uniswap and quickly gained value.

The price even exceeded $ 300

Andre Cronje posted a post on his Medium account yesterday saying that the beta version of Keep3r Network is ready but there may still be some bugs in the project. But people took the risk and flocked to the KP3R / ETH parity in Uniswap.


Developed exclusively for the Keep3r Network platform, this token gained millions of dollars of liquidity in a short time. When the ETH pair was first opened, this token could be bought and sold in the $ 10-20 range. However, the KP3R price has risen to $ 350 within a few hours. Thus, Cronje’s project gained roughly 2,000 percent in just a few hours.

Roadmap for Keep3r Network released

It can be said that this new project, developed by Cronje, is a freelance platform specially designed for the DeFi sector. As we reported in our article yesterday, when DeFi projects want to get support from an independent party, they can find a “caretaker” through the Keep3r Network.

The Keep3r Network developer shared a new post on Medium today and detailed the project roadmap. Cronje said that the governance contracts are still in the control phase. But caregivers on the platform are already hiring from outside.

It has been announced that although freelance jobs can be taken only for governance at the moment, applications can also be made for jobs such as harvest and liquidation over time. Cronje also announced the future of MetaWallet integration for off-chain transactions.


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