And Trump’s secret plan has been exposed!


The American New York Times made an important report on the strategy and mood of US President Donald Trump, who lost the November 3 elections but has not yet accepted the result.

The New York Times of the respected newspapers of the USA wrote that President Trump had a meeting with his advisers on Wednesday. In the news by Maggie Haberman, it was stated that most of her advisors told Trump that the possibility of changing the election results is very, very small.

According to the sources knowledgeable about the meeting; After the meeting, Trump attempted to pressure Republican legislatures in some states to choose whether they could elect pro-Trump electoral members.

President Trump’s aim here is to recruit members from Democrats who can vote for him and to change the arithmetic in his favor for the second term at the White House.


The sources stated that he received information on the subject said that this is not a detailed speech, even really serious. Nor did this reflect Trump’s obsessive desire to stay in the White House. According to the statement of a consultant; “Trump knows the work is done.”

“But instead of admitting defeat, while thinking about his uncertain future after the presidency, he also poses an unlikely scenario to stay in office again.”

According to the interviews with many consultants and names close to Trump; There is no great strategy. Trump is trying to survive from one news release to the next, to see how far he can push his fight against defeat and to secure continued support from the Republican base.

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According to the data of Associated Press news agency; Democrat Joe Biden became the 46th president of the USA. Biden has already exceeded the 270 delegates required on the way to the White House. Biden’s number of delegates is 290.

President Trump, who stays at 217 in the number of delegates, continues to claim that the election was manipulated, while tweeting a lot every day.

Meanwhile, the American broadcaster CNN announced that the state of Georgia was won by Biden and North Carolina by Trump, with a report that took place at around 22.40 tonight. According to the projection of CNN; Biden reaches 306 delegates and Trump reaches 232 delegates.


On the other hand, White House Spokesperson Carrie McEnany attended a program in which President Trump asked if he would attend Joe Biden’s inauguration in January, saying, “I think Trump will attend his own inauguration ceremony.”

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo replied, “There will be a smooth transition to the second term of the Trump administration,” when asked whether there would be a smooth transition with Biden’s team.


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