And This Happened: He Poisoned His Father For Cryptocurrency!


Liam Ghershony, a 24-year-old drug addict living in the US state of Maryland, was assassinated to seize his father’s $400,000 cryptocurrency account. Two days after the incident, the unconscious body of the father was found in his home by the health workers. The unfortunate father, who recovered after four days of intensive treatment, is in shock.

He poisoned his father for his $400,000 cryptocurrency account

Liam Ghershony, who lives in Bethesda, Maryland, USA, earned $350,000 in cash in 2018 after taxing a crypto investment account with his father. The 24-year-old, who was also a drug addict, became increasingly paranoid with substances such as benzodiazepines, adderrall and cocaine. Realizing his son’s grave condition, his father even advised him to quit this job by selling his cryptocurrencies. However, Liam Ghershony was planning to seize his father’s $400,000 worth of crypto in his account. Liam Ghershony, who is a drug addict and undergoing treatment, decided to poison his father by mixing antidepressants in his tea to do this. Four days after the incident, health workers found the unconscious body of the father at his home, and the unfortunate father recovered after four days of intensive treatment…

Liam Ghershony, 24, told local media that his goal was simply to put his father to sleep and take over $400,000 in crypto accounts. The teenager, who had no prior criminal record, will now spend 125 days in jail and two months in a mental health and drug rehab facility.

Old Ghershony says he doesn’t remember anything

Detectives visited the elderly Ghershony in the hospital, who suffered the wrath of his son. According to the records in the case, she remembered offering her son tea, which she said would give her more energy, but she told detectives she didn’t remember what happened next. “Of course I’m worried about my son, he’s a good boy overall,” he said, according to the records in the case. Five days later, detectives charged young Ghershony with attempted first-degree murder. When prosecutors later investigated the case, they found no evidence that he deliberately tried to kill his father.