And the code name of Android 13 is… Tiramisu Is the pastry tradition back?


Android 13: Born 12 years ago, Android took less than a decade to become the most widespread operating system in the world thanks to the massive sales of smartphones, tablets, smart watches and even televisions and cars that include it – yes, over Windows , iOS and Linux.

Generally each update of the Android operating system is developed under a code name of an element in alphabetical order. But since that first version 1.0, Google has taken the curious habit of associating the OS with the name of a sweet, why?

Why Android is named after candy

Credit for these names goes to Ryan Gibson, the Project Manager at Android. And as Google itself pointed out at the launch of Android 4.4 KitKat, “since these devices make our lives sweeter, each version of Android is named after a dessert.”

With Android 10 this pastry tradition was stopped in the face of the name of the final version, and last year’s Google OS inaugurated a new way of naming for the versions of the Android operating system, leaving only the number. A situation that internally certainly does not hold, since Android 10 was Fifteen Tart, and Android 11 also had its corresponding dessert name, which was called ‘Red Velvet Cake’.

Android 12 Snow Cone
With Google giving the final touches, Android 12 rushes its last weeks before its official premiere, which as usual will come out after the summer. And presumably it goes on the market, it will follow the same patronymic of Android 11, that is, cutting the name as it is, without adding the corresponding sweet name. But this does not mean that it does not have, and like Android 11, Android 12 has a name by which it is known internally in Google: Snow Cone, or ice cream cone.

Following the alphabetical order of the desserts or sweets, the letter ‘S’ corresponds to Android 12: It was the expert website XDA Developers who discovered last March in the code references to ‘sc’, short for Snow Cone, the typical cone of ice with syrup on top.


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