And not a couple? Chetrin Schulze and Tomaso unsubscribe from each other


What’s going on with Citrine Schulze (30) and Tomaso Trussardi (39)? The influencer only on Thursday announced the status of her relationship: she was taken away again! She doesn’t want to reveal who her boyfriend is yet. It has been suggested that this is an Italian. The two have been chatting a lot on Instagram ā€” until now. Because Katherine and Tomaso unsubscribed from each other!

In fact, they recently subscribed to each other, commented and liked each other’s posts. Apparently this has come to an end. They no longer appear in each other’s subscriber lists. But what does it mean? Is Cetin’s friend someone else, or did they break up again?

On Thursday, she was still thrilled with her new partner. Judging by the image, there was a lively contact between Catherine and Tomaso. The glory of Love Island even had a trip to Italy planned. However, it is unclear whether she wanted to visit Tomaso there.


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