And Just Like That: The Reason Kim Cattrall Isn’t Welcome On HBO Max


And Just Like That, the romantic comedy series inspired by the characters from Sex and the City and played by the same stars, premiered in early December and will be closing this cycle on Thursday, February 3 through the HBO streaming platform. Max. Although we see the return of the friends to the small screen, one of them did not return and although the actress was completely against the idea, now the platform also under her thumb.

Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte returned to the screens in another stage of their lives to continue delighting fans of the original series. However, some felt there was a void in the story due to the absence of one of the members of the group of four women. Samantha Jones, who was played by Kim Cattral in Sex and the City, did not return this time.

Let us remember that before And Just Like That was released, it was revealed that Samantha Jones would not be present, although she is mentioned in the history of the drama, as it happened in the first episode. According to the plot, the character that was played by Cattrall left to make her life in London after having some disagreements with Carrie.

The truth is that Kim Cattrall has her strong reasons for not playing her role in Sex and the City again. The star has stated this in several interviews, and although And Just Like That showrunner Patrick King confirmed that she would not return, some fans remain hopeful that Samantha Jones will appear in episode 10, the last in this stage of the series. the sequel.

In this sense, while speaking with Variety about And Just Like That, the creator of the Sex and the City franchise and showrunner of the HBO Max series, explained to the media the reason why Kim Cattrall is not welcome on the show. When asked if the interpreter of Samantha Jones has the doors open for future projects or in a second season, the producer was emphatic in answering as follows:

“No, she’s not coming back. Just like Kim wasn’t meant to be in And Just Like That, because she’s said what she’s said. The only place she’s engaged in magical thinking is in fiction… magical thinking, It’s great to have Samantha.”

“I have no realistic expectation that Kim Cattrall will show up again.”

Taking King’s remarks, Cattrall has in the past commented on her longstanding feud with Carrie’s interpreter, Sarah Jessica Parker. Apparently, it was this that led her to make the decision to walk away from the franchise forever. The showrunner also stated that although she is not physically present, Samantha Jones continues to exist off-screen.