And Just Like That: The real reason delaying the renewal of season 2


And Just Like That, aired in early December to continue the story of the glamorous and sentimental life of the group of friends who made life in Sex and the City, while navigating the age of 50. The series, culminated its first ten-episode stage two weeks ago, and there’s still no word on whether more stories are coming for Carrie, Miranda and Charlotte.

Fans of Sex and the City were delighted with the new stories of Carrie and her friends, but they were anxious to know what the future holds for their favorite characters, and if Carrie will finally get to reunite with Samantha Jones, from who was known lives in Europe since he distanced himself from the group.

There is no doubt that fans of And Just Like That are longing for a second season of the series. So far, the cast has not commented on a renewal, however HBO Max gave a response that practically left the ball in the air when Casey Bloys was asked about the next episodes of the series.

HBO and HBO Max chief content officer Casey Bloys told TVLine that he is waiting for And Just Like That executive producer Michael Patrick King and lead actress and producer Sarah Jessica Parker to pitch their pitches. and thus be able to make a decision about the fate of the drama.

The HBO executive stated that they need to make sure that the executive producers of And Just Like That really want to continue the story in a second season. Really, this is a decision of King and Parker, who so far have also not said anything in public about whether or not the series will continue.

“They need to make sure they want to move on. I think they will. They came to us with this idea of ​​Big dying as a way to get into a story about women in their 50s. I think they want to make sure they have something they’re equally excited about… They’re talking about a story. I think they will come to us with something that excites them.”

Both producers of the series are likely taking a break. However, fans of And Just Like That shouldn’t worry as the show garnered significant ratings. According to Bloys, the show did well and that’s a very good reason to be excited about a next installment. This added:

“But we just let them go through their process and think about the show and what they want to do.”

Importantly, the cast’s busy schedules further complicate matters, according to Bloys, referring to multiple jobs on other projects, such as Cynthia Nixon, who is making the newly revamped Gilded Age. He also told Variety that And Just Like That became the most successful series in HBO Max history to date. Therefore, thinking about a cancellation would be something that does not make sense.

“In terms of viewership, it’s been phenomenal. I couldn’t be happier with the way it’s performing in terms of reception.”