And Just Like That: The actor who played 2 different characters in the franchise


And Just Like That, the iconic HBO Max series, portrayed the lives of the unforgettable Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker), Charlotte York (Kristin Davis) and Miranda Hobbes (Cinthia Nixon) at the age of 50 after finding love and the stability they longed for in New York.

However, what fans of the sequel to Sex and the City saw was not an idyllic portrait of their lives, but rather a very human chaos, which led the characters to embark on a journey towards the discovery of their inner selves, beyond of the environment and the obstacles that were presented to them.

In this reboot of Sex And The City, not only the main characters returned, but also other secondary characters that undoubtedly made the first six seasons of this series spicy, which both now and in the 90s, earned a privileged place among the fans.

One of those characters was played by actor William Abadie, who is better known as Antoine Lambert, the seductive perfumer who invests in Gabriel’s restaurant in the Netflix series Emily in Paris. Before that, he played the hated and remembered Tony the Prada Guy, in Sex and The City, a character that all the fans thought he would repeat in the HBO Max sequel.

However, in the revival of Sex and The City renamed And Just Like That, Abadie plays not a salesman or businessman like in the original HBO drama, but someone closer to Carrie’s circle (Sarah Jessica Parker) than herself. This time, the franchise brought back the actor as Zed, the owner of a club that Carrie’s new friend Seema (Sarita Choudhury) meets in Brooklyn.

Abadie had previously appeared in the sixth season of the original show, in the memorable episode titled ‘Lights, Camera, Relationship,’ where he breaks up his relationship with Carrie Bradshaw via a sticky note. However, in the most recent season of And Just Like That, he became a completely different person, which makes one wonder if the producers didn’t remember that in the previous plot, he already had a name and a story.