And Just Like That: Series Creator Reveals What We Suspected About Kim Cattrall


Ever since the original Sex and the City, Kim Cattrall, who played the slightly nympho Samantha Jones, has been a longtime fan favorite. So when it was announced that Cattrall would be absent from SATC’s reboot And Just Like That, audiences were outraged that the show could go on without one of the original cast members.

Due to several factors, including her and her co-star Sarah Jessica Parker’s ongoing feud, Kim Cattrall refused to return for the HBO revival of the show. From there, the rumors traveled through each of the corridors of Hollywood, telling different versions of what could have happened between the two actresses.

Once And Just Like That started airing, it was apparent that Samantha would still be around the series, but only through texts sent to Carrie. Rather than kill off her character, And Just Like That creator Michael Patrick King decided to have Samantha move from New York City to posh London. So is there still hope between production that Cattrall can change his mind and take his rightful place in the reboot in the future?

In a recent conversation with Michael Patrick King revealed that Kim Cattrall never wanted to return to the series that she put her name on the map. In fact, when the creator brought up the idea of ​​a possible third Sex and the City movie, the actress’s response was a resounding “no.” After all, Kim Cattrall’s pockets are already bulging due to her franchise’s huge profits.

“Kim was done playing Samantha, and despite the talks, she just said, ‘Yeah, I don’t want to do this,'” King lamented. “I have no realistic expectations that Kim Cattrall will show up again.”

The continuity creator of one of the most watched stories on television also revealed his thinking behind keeping Samantha at the heart of the show. Although fans have repeatedly mentioned that the character is very important to the story, it seems that her efforts will be in vain.

“It was a big day for me as a writer when I realized that even though Kim Cattrall didn’t want to be on the show, Samantha might because of texting,” King said. “Because she should be: She’s part of the show and people love her. And I wanted to respect the legacy, I wanted to respect the fans.”

Well, it seems that Kim Cattrall herself is not a fan of the reboot; she has continuously liked the tweets that shadow the series. Back in 2017, she even told Piers Morgan, “I swear, [Samantha] will never show up again.” Therefore, to say that the actress is unlikely to reprise her role would be a serious understatement, and And Just Like That should resolve that story in some other way.