And Just Like That: Kim Cattrall Reveals the Truth About Her Absence from HBO Drama


And Just Like That, the glamorous drama sequel to the late 90s hit series Sex and the City, brought back its main characters in a new phase of their lives, as they navigate their 50s. Carrie Bradshaw, Miranda Hobbes, and Charlotte Jones, appeared again in early December 2021 on HBO Max, played by Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon, and Kristin Davis.

Since before And Just Like That premiered late last year, fans knew that the up-and-coming show would be missing Samantha Jones, the iconic character who was played by Kim Cattral on seasons of the series Sex and the City and in two films developed by the franchise in 2008 and 2010.

Kim Cattrall’s conspicuous absence with her character in An Just Like That has been speculated on for some time. Some reports said that the actress did not return to the franchise due to a dispute with her co-star Sarah Jessica Parker. However, that has not been confirmed. But what is certain is that although Samantha Jones was not present in the new series, the character was included in the story revealing that she had moved to London after a fight with Carrie.

The truth is that in a recent interview with Variety, after so many rumors about her departure and the absence of her character in And Just Like That, Kim Cattrall finally revealed the truth about what took her away from the Sex and the franchise. the City. Let us remember that the actress abandoned her character Samantha Jones, and did not want to participate in a third film that never materialized.

In this regard, Kim Cattral explained why she stood by her decision to leave Samantha Jones behind, including her Sex and the City co-stars. According to her statements, Parker, Nixon and Davis are simply acquaintances from her professional past. The former star of the hit HBO series revealed that she left the franchise solely because she outgrew it. She also said that she found out about her reboot through social media and that she was never asked to come back, which didn’t surprise her.

“It’s great wisdom to know when enough is enough,” she explained. “I also didn’t want to compromise what the series was for me. The way forward seemed clear.”

“I made my feelings clear after the possible third film,” adding that she has come to the conclusion from this experience “that really the biggest compliment I could get as an actress is to be missed.”

In the interview, Kim Cattrall admitted that she has no regrets about not being in And Just Like That or being part of the successful franchise, despite the struggles she has had in her career, to the point of not having a health insurance at a given time. The former interpreter of Samantha Jones, is completely away from acting.

“I never want to be on a set and not want to be there,” she said.

“As hard as it was, and as scary as it is to get up and not be intimidated by the press or the fans or whoever, just say: I’m fine. I’m on this track. It was great working with you. I enjoyed it so much, but I’m here. It was so great working with you. I really enjoyed it, but I’m here,” she said firmly.