And Just Like That: HBO Max confirms what fans suspected of season 2


And Just Like That, the romantic comedy series that brought Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte back together as they navigate their 50s, premiered on the HBO Max streaming platform in early December, and ended in February of this year with an episode that left fans asking some big questions.

Executive produced by Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon, the series has become a new sensation for fans of the original Sex and the City series and movies since it premiered on HBO Max. This, despite the fact that Kim Cattrall did not return to play her iconic role as Samantha Jones. According to the plot narrated in the first episodes, she is living in London, England.

And it is that after the final episode of And Just Like That on HBO Max, fans were left wondering if a season 2 of this fascinating glamorous story was possible. A month after the last episode aired, HBO Max has finally made the decision that all fans of the drama suspected.

And Just Like That fans have remained very optimistic all this time, despite the controversy generated with one of the main actors of the series. Recall that after he left at the end of the first episode, the interpreter of Mr. Big, Chris Noth, was denounced by a group of women as a result of having committed abuse against them in the past.

However, HBO Max decided to renew And Just Like That for season 2 on Tuesday. According to reports, Carrie, Miranda, and Charlotte will be seeing each other again in upcoming episodes of the Sex and the City sequel. Sarah Jessica Parker, Cynthia Nixon and Kristin Davis will reprise their roles to continue the story right where it left off in the first installment.

The last time 10 episodes of the series were broadcast and therefore the second season is expected to have a similar result. The only question that remains is whether fans will be as hungry to see Ansd Just Like That as they showed in the first installment, or whether it will be given a new boost with the addition of new characters.