And Just Like That: And only then did the series say goodbye to the beloved Stanford Blatch


And Just Like That, with four episodes aired so far, has delivered on its promise since the start of production on the long-awaited sequel to the iconic Sex and the City series, featuring New York favorites Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker ), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis) showing their joys and sorrows now as women in their fifties.

However, this resurgence of the show has not been without some controversy, first with the absence of Samantha in the plot, after the reluctance of her interpreter Kim Cattrall to reappear on screen with her former co-stars was revealed. Rumors of how her disappearance would be handled were cleared up from the opening scenes, explaining that the character had moved to London upset with the rest of the girls after Carrie dispensed with her services as her artistic agent.

Another moment of great impact, refers to the dramatic turn that, although it was already suspected that it would occur at some point, it was totally unexpected for many fans because of how early it was presented on screen. The departure from the plot of the beloved and many times hated Mr. Big, played by actor Chris Noth, in one of the most moving scenes that And Just Like That has shown at the moment, which ended the intense love story of Carrie with whom she considered her soul mate.

But without a doubt, the most anticipated by fans was to see how the show would handle the forced departure of one of Sex and the City’s most beloved and hilarious characters, the funny Stanford Blatch played by actor Willie Garson, who passed away. on September 21, 2021, after losing his battle with pancreatic cancer at age 57. A condition that he had been suffering in silence until the last moment, even his companions in the series found out almost at the end, with the exception of Sarah Jessica Parker with whom he maintained a friendship for more than 30 years.

Despite his illness, Garson managed to join the filming of And Just Like That with great enthusiasm, so much so that the producers had fully written the scripts for the first six episodes with the presence of Stanford, but unfortunately from the third the health of the interpreter worsened in August and could not continue attending the set, so the production with great sadness had to rewrite the plot without his presence.

The fourth episode of And Just Like That showed the expected moment in which the audience saw how the series explained in a very simple way Stanford’s departure, once it was broadcast, many celebrated that Carrie’s confidante, although absent, would continue to live. in the history. In the scene in question, for obvious reasons, the character does not appear on the screen, so a letter is shown that he leaves his dear friend in her old apartment, in which he tells her that he is going on a trip to Tokyo to advise a new one. Tik Tok star during a tour of Asia.

The scene is handled with great naturalness and without drama as the producers of the program had already warned. Carrie and Anthony, the Stanford couple played by Mario Cantone, comment in astonishment on the decision of the beloved character to leave without saying goodbye, while the latter also adds with some tears in his eyes that before leaving he also asked for a divorce, after explaining that She didn’t dare say goodbye to her friend over Big’s death. At the end of the chapter and before the credits of And Just Like That, a message appears on a dark screen accompanied by a few seconds of silence in honor of the artist: “In memory of our beloved Willie Garson.”