“And I just let go a little bit…” — Hugh Jackman Once Told About The Payment That His Latest Film “Son” Took on.


Many actors find it difficult to shoot emotional scenes in their films. For example, Will Smith told how he was influenced by the filming of “Emancipation”. It was an emotionally draining shoot for the actor. Similarly, Hugh Jackman also talked about how his latest film “Son” influenced him and how the film personally influenced the actor.

The Son is a 2022 drama/narrative film. The Australian actor plays the role of a father in the film, who helps his son in the way he would like his father to raise him. And these scenes, moments and dialogues affected the actor, as Jackman told The Guardian during an interview in January 2023. He said that it was technically and emotionally difficult for him during the filming of “Son” because of the break he took due to the pandemic.

“And I just let go a little bit, things from my upbringing came up,” Jackman said.

The actor was concerned about the personal feelings of fatherhood that he was experiencing. He is also the father of a child, and this began to bother him during filming. The actor became even worse, because it brought back memories of his late father, whom he lost due to Alzheimer’s disease. It has become much harder for Jackman since his father passed away while he was shooting the film.

Despite the fact that it revealed the actor’s insecurities and fears, the filmmakers helped him cope with it.

Hugh Jackman received huge support on the set of “Son”.

While Wolverine’s fame suffered from these memories and insecurities, the filmmakers took care of him. Florian Zeller and Christopher Hampton, the creators of “Son,” understood Jackman’s pain. They called a psychiatrist, which Jackman liked very much. He said that as employers they are obliged to make sure that their employees are in order.

And since Zeller and Hampton fully supported the actor, Jackman praised his efforts. Speaking about the help he received on the set of the film, he admitted that for the first time he was with a psychiatrist during filming. Nevertheless, Logan’s actor coped with it and kept up with the times. In the end, the actor felt good, and the film also received recognition.

Meanwhile, the actor is getting ready for “Deadpool 3” by getting ready and feeling that his Wolverine will be the best version in the MCU movie.

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