And after Loop Hero? 5 games you might also like


Have you already noticed Loop Hero? We recommend five other very complete proposals with cards, strategy, roguelike elements and more.

Two are the games that have given the most talk in these first months of 2021. One of them is Valheim, belonging to a genre already known and very prone to virality such as survival, while a few days until now it has been feature a new title in almost every conversation. We are obviously talking about Loop Hero, one of those surprises that appear from time to time in the independent market, and that, based on a successful combination of mechanics such as strategy, cards and roguelike elements, has managed to conquer the playing time of millions of players who have not hesitated to immerse themselves in this peculiar proposal. And once the Lich is defeated? Well, we can still find a good handful of games of a similar cut that we discover you and which are worth taking a look:

Slay the spire

Surely Slay the Spire is the most similar game to Loop Hero that we can find, and that seeing captures of each one is more than evident that they also know how to differentiate themselves. We are talking about a very demanding game, in which failure is a constant, but also learning, knowing more about the creation of more effective decks and combinations of cards in each attempt to overcome the Needle, the main obstacle of the game. This changes with each game, making each decision we make important as well, which will normally consist of choosing a different path: the most difficult but with the greatest reward, or on the contrary, the safest but with the least benefit for our inventory. Another absolutely essential single player card game.

Darkest dungeon

One of the best dungeon crawlers to appear in recent years, funded through Kickstarter and whose success has led to the development of its sequel, whose Early Access we will see very soon. However, it is worth talking about the original, a tremendously challenging video game with turn-based combat and in which the mental health of our adventurers plays a fundamental role, being able to cause them altered states that in turn imply penalties … or bonuses. How could it be otherwise there is permanent death between the characters, having a more than remarkable variety of classes among them, making it essential to know how to plan each skirmish and create balanced groups. Between adventure and adventure we can equip ourselves with equipment, improve our characters, heal their wounds, treat their ills, and ultimately, rest, since as we said, it is more than likely that it will also put our own mental health to the test.


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