Ancient Cities is a promising city builder from cave times


Since I started my gamer journey through computers, I have become a great enthusiast of games aimed at building cities. It all started in the 1990s, with SimCity, which brought the possibility of developing regions in a complex and pleasant way for that time. The years have passed, the different contexts have helped and, currently, we have a flood of titles that drink from the source of success shared by Pharaoh, Banished and Dwarf Fortress.

Futuristic scenarios, current or based on the past. They all have points to be analyzed and, falling into the common grave, is almost a certainty. Diversification among them is small and ostracism can be fatal. Recently, a title caught my attention: Ancient Cities, by the Spanish UncasualGames, led by the group of friends Juan, Xavi, Luis, Eugenio. Calm down, it’s not the fantastic new quartet of Barcelona or Real Madrid.


In addition to the fact that I like city builders, I am passionate about the history of our world, especially the age of cavemen. There, the perfect setting was set, just wait for the launch of this stone to be polished.

A good idea in the head

The project began to be developed in June 2017, along with a campaign on Kickstarter, which raised more than € 127 thousand. UncasualGames also created crowdfunding on the Indiejogo website, where it raised € 93 thousand Euros. After more than three years of development and a pandemic in the middle of history, Ancient Cities was released in early access on Steam in December 2020.

I already had access to alpha mode, which was pretty raw to be honest. With the arrival of the game on Steam, the constant feedback from the players and the imminent response from the developers, I started to dedicate myself more to the game, mainly to write this text for you. And don’t think it was easy, as I had to convince the developers that it was just a preview of the game. Even because of his current state, it couldn’t be much different.

Ancient Cities can be considered a survival game, with attributes of building cities. The two factors go hand in hand, as we have already found in many other titles. Its backdrop is the Mesolithic Era.

The period is understood by historians between 10,000 BC and 5,000 BC, where the land passed through the last ice ages, causing the temperature to become milder, allowing a new normal. At that time it was common for human beings to look for a cave and food to survive, in a continuous and infinite cycle. With the great change in the ecosystem, it was possible to migrate from caves to land and start a true civilization.


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