“Anatomy of Passion” star Kevin McKidd defends Ellen Pompeo, who retreated from the series: she “was the captain of this ship”


I support my fellow surgeon! Kevin McKidd has shared his thoughts on reducing the role of Ellen Pompeo in season 19 of “Anatomy of Passion” — and he believes that change can be a good thing.

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“Ellen has been the captain of this ship all these years, and she’s about to start producing, so she needed to set aside a place in her schedule for that,” McKidd, 49, told E! New’s Daily Pop at the HCA TV Awards 2022 on Sunday, August 14.

Although the 52-year-old Pompeo will continue to executive produce and direct the upcoming season of the ABC series, earlier this month TV Line reported that she would “physically appear” on screen in only eight of the expected 20-24 episodes.

In addition to his role both in front of and behind the camera on “Grey,” Pompeo also plans to produce and star in the upcoming Hulu original series. According to an August Variety report, the thriller, based on real events, will tell about a couple who accuses their 8-year-old adopted daughter from Ukraine of cheating on them.

For McKidd, the Massachusetts native’s decision to appear in the series at all proves her dedication to medical drama. “The fact that she’s not leaving the show and is just going to cut it a little bit — what I think is wonderful is that it still shows her love for the show,” the Brave star explained.

McKidd, who played Dr. Owen Hunt in the drama for 14 seasons, doesn’t even know how his own role will develop. Season 18 left his character in an exciting moment after he, his wife Teddy (Kim Raver) and their children left the country.

“It’s too early to tell,” McKidd teased Daily Pop on Sunday about his future with the series. “All I can say is that we have these great new interns who are kind of the new blood in the series.”

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News that fresh energy would enter the Grey Sloan Memorial was first announced in July when Deadline reported that Alexis Floyd would play Simone Griffin, “the new first-year surgical residency at Grey Sloan” in the upcoming season.

“Anatomy of Passion, like the entire Shonda [Rimes] canon, is a genre—redefining show that remains masterfully committed to diversity, relevance and vulnerability,” the 28-year—old Bold Type graduate told Deadline during casting news. “Joining the cast in its 19th season is an immeasurable honor, and simply put, it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun.”

Niko Terho also got a regular seasonal gig playing first-year resident surgeon Lucas Adams, and Midori Francis from Sex Lives of College Girls will also play a new resident surgeon.

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In August, James Pickens Jr.-one of the three original cast members remaining on the show—shared a photo of himself on set with several new actors, including Francis and Glee alumni Harry Sham Jr. “Let’s warmly welcome the new Gray family Trainees excited about Season 19,” the actor wrote on Instagram at the time.


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