“Anatomy of Passion” Loses a Lot More Than Just Ellen Pompeo After This Season


Fans of “Anatomy of Passion” have known for a long time that shocks are coming in the 19th season due to the impending departure of leading lady Ellen Pompeo after almost two decades of work as Dr. Meredith Gray, but another unexpected departure is not far off. Showrunner Krista Vernoff hands over the reins of the popular medical drama at the end of the 2022-2023 television season after six years.

In fact, Deadline reports that Krista Vernoff is stepping down as showrunner of both “Anatomy of Passion” and the spin-off “Station 19”, with the latter being in the sixth season and in prime time combined with the 19th season of the parent series. Vernoff started working at Grey’s in the first season, starting as a writer and eventually working her way up to executive producer, and then appointed showrunner in 2017. Her first season as a showrunner was the fourteenth, which was especially notable for such big changes as Sarah’s departure. Drew and Jessica Capshaw.

At the time of writing, no successor has been named as the showrunner of “Anatomy of Passion” or “Station 19”, although it is worth noting that none of them has been officially renewed until now. Nevertheless, both shows continue to bring success to ABC, even after the news of Ellen Pompeo’s departure. Chances seem good that these two series will have at least one more season in the future, which will mean a new showrunner… or showrunners if the responsibility for the show is eventually shared between the bosses.

According to Deadline’s report, splitting the showrunner roles in the series is probably the plan, and Meg Marinis, who, like Vernoff, started working in “Anatomy of Passion” at the beginning of the show, is expected to be the next showrunner. It would be a great success for a woman who started at the exhibition as a researcher and has since risen through the ranks. As for “Station 19,” executive producer and screenwriter Zoanne Clack is expected to be named co-showrunner, along with Peter Page of “Fosters” and “Good Trouble” as co-showrunner.

Krista Vernoff’s departure raises many questions about the future, not the least of which is whether crossovers between “Anatomy of Passion” and “Station 19” will be as frequent if both series are renewed for the 2023-2024 TV season. ABC has broadcast two-part shows between them and even in recent seasons has done massive crossover turns, with Vernoff directing both shows; is it possible to coordinate two-hour competitions with different groups of runners just as often?

Only time will tell on this front, as Vernoff will remain the showrunner until the end of the seasons, which, as usual, will end in May. Ellen Pompeo’s tenure as the face of “Anatomy of Passion” will end much earlier, as she will leave when the drama returns to the 2023 TV premiere schedule, and its winter premiere will take place on Thursday, February 23, at 21:00 ET on ABC, after the winter premiere of Station 19 at 20:00.

Since Ellen Pompeo’s swan song is a few weeks away from being released, you can always go back to earlier episodes broadcast by Hulu subscription, as well as to “Station 19” and even to the original spin-off “Private Practice”, in which Kate Walsh starred before her return to “Grey” recently. Walsh shared why fans should continue to watch “Grey” even after Pompeo’s departure.


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