Anatomy of Passion: Karev’s ending worked for him (but offended Joe’s story)


In “Anatomy of Passion,” most of the most popular characters have gone, and while the show has become infamous for killing off its characters, there are some who have been given less tragic endings. This is the case with Alex Karev, whose ending suited him perfectly, but greatly offended Joe’s story. “Anatomy of Passion” has been unstoppable since its debut on ABC in 2005, becoming one of the most successful medical dramas in recent years, and although its quality has declined over the years, it still has a solid fan base that continues to follow the story of Meredith Gray.

“Anatomy of Passion” follows the basic idea of medical dramas, focusing on the lives of surgical interns, residents and attending physicians who do everything possible to balance their personal and professional lives. “Anatomy of Passion” is headed by Meredith Gray (Ellen Pompeo), who began her career as an intern along with fan-favorite characters such as Kristina Young (Sandra Oh), Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) and Izzy Stevens (Katherine Heigl). Many of them became very close to Meredith, and their departure in most cases was heartbreaking, and in others, like Karev’s, caused controversy.

Alex Karev went through a lot during his time in The Anatomy of Passion, but he learned a lot from his injuries and mistakes and became one of the characters in the series who went through the greatest development. Alex Karev is one of the characters in “Anatomy of Passion” who left the series without being killed, but this does not mean that his departure was protected from controversy, because although it corresponded to his story, it summed up the story of his wife Jo (Camilla Luddington).).

What happened to Alex Karev in “Anatomy of Passion”

Alex Karev left “Anatomy of Passion” in season 16, and by that time he was married to Joe. Alex seemed to have found happiness with Joe after all the pain he went through in the past, not only with his family (as he had a troubled childhood), but also in a relationship with Izzy. However, in the middle of the 16th season of “Anatomy of Passion” Alex went to Iowa to visit his mother, and after a couple of episodes it turned out that Alex reunited with Izzy and found out that she had taken embryos that they had frozen during cancer treatment, and twins through IVF, which means that this too There were Alex’s children. Alex went to meet his kids and decided to move in with Izzy and the kids to make sure they didn’t grow up like him: in a ruined house, without a father. Alex overcame his fears, and also put an end to the potential cycle of rejection and abuse, which corresponds to the whole development of his character, however, the way he treated Joe completely cancels this.

How Alex’s Ending Failed Joe’s Story

Joe’s story is not easy either. Jo has struggled with rejection issues, survived domestic violence, and struggles with her mental health, but Alex has been by her side in the most difficult moments. In season 15 of “Anatomy of Passion”, Jo fell into a deep depression when she found out that she had been the victim of date rape and ended up in a psychiatric hospital. Since she and Alex were not legally married, she gave him the opportunity to abandon the relationship, but he chose to stay. Alex and Joe get married (for real) in season 16, but their happiness didn’t last long. When it turned out that Alex’s mother was not in Iowa, he told Joe that he was “going through something” and stopped answering her calls, after which she had a complete breakdown. Alex did not return, and instead he explained what had happened and where he was now in letters he sent to Joe, Meredith, Miranda Bailey and Richard Webber. After everything she had been through, it was disrespectful of Alex to leave Joe (who had given him a chance to leave a couple of episodes before) for someone who had hurt him so much in the past, and, even worse, the Anatomy of Passion presented it as normal or even romantic (from the point of view of Alexa/Izzy). After Alex’s departure and after several obstacles in the adoption process, Jo became the mother of Luna, a child whose mother died in childbirth, and began a new life with her.