Anastasiya Kvitko explodes the pants with that size You will not see anything like it!


Fame has earned her the pulse and that is that Anastasiya Kvitko is the social media revolution.

He had not seen anything so big since Kim Kardashian, when he began with his photographs to climb up like the foam, in fact they always talk about how parallel their careers are, something that the Russian bothers her. Anastasiya doesn’t want to be like Kim, and he’s tired of saying it right and left, to see if we find out.

The creature is only 24 years old and already has more than 10 million followers on Instagram and it is thanks to the figure with those impossible curves that nature has presumably given it.

He has won the heart of his native country, Russia, and then that of the rest of the world. And is that every time you upload a photo to more than one your heart is paralyzed, everything that nature has given this young woman is neither normal.

He currently lives in the United States and from different parts of the country exhibits his measurements, his 96-63-106, as these numbers are read the imagination soars.

The Russian is more spectacular than it seems, win in long and short distances and see any of her photos impress too much, how often you have body, Anastasiya!

The businesswoman who was born in Kaliningrad has been accused on several occasions of using too much Photoshop. And when doubts arise about this, she always uses her numbers, her measurements, because the numbers do not deceive, what you see is what you get.

While it is true that the model has gone through the scalpel but has done so to look a prettier face, as he loves to show the photographs, but everything in his figure is natural, or so he says.

What we are interested in at the moment is to continue seeing it, from the origin of all its own, we don’t care so much anymore.


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