Analytica’s CEO will not be able to take over companies


The then CEO of data consulting firm Cambridge Analytica, responsible for a Facebook data usage scheme for electoral purposes, was condemned by the UK government. However, the executive did not receive a prison sentence: he is prohibited from holding leadership positions or helping in the formation and promotion of new private companies for seven years.

Alexander Nix was the chief executive of SCL Elections Ltd, a group that controlled sub-brands like Cambridge Analytica during the period when the company was hired to campaign for the then presidential candidate of the United States, Donald Trump. It used private data to predict user behavior and target ads, in a scheme that may have reached more than 87 million people.

Nix’s ban begins on October 5 and involved the signing of a document confirming his participation in activities considered “potentially unethical”. They include obtaining information to discredit political opponents, misinformation, targeting campaigns and even bribery.


The company’s action was denounced only in 2018, two years after the elections. As a result, the company changed its CEO twice in a short time and declared bankruptcy by accumulating several lawsuits. Facebook received fines for providing information, including in Brazil.

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