Analysts explain: the top 4 altcoins are expected to grow in April!


The cryptocurrency market basically continues to grow and recover. However, investors may not have clear information about which cryptocurrency to invest in, due to the variety of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency analyst Cheeky Crypto predicts a rise in prices, pointing to these four altcoins.

Anchor (Anchor)

The analyst says that Anchor (ANCT) will grow in the short term. Anchor tries to protect its investors depending on the daily volatility and attracts attention with its long-term price stability. Therefore, experts say that ANCT can be used to protect against inflation.

Analysts had expected ANCT to fall to $0.0047 on February 24. However, ANCT did not allow this decline, consolidating from 0.6 to 0.7 dollars. However, in general, it can be seen that ANCT shows a decrease of 0.8% for the week and 2.6% for the month. Buying from below attracts investors and sees it as an opportunity. Cheeky Crypto claims that after this decline, investors will turn to ANCT, and this will put upward pressure on the price of ANCT.


COTI was launched as the first enterprise-level fintech platform capable of digitizing any currency. Cheeky Crypto interprets the COTI price behavior as a correction pushing resistance. The analyst says that now there is a good opportunity to accumulate a COTI token.

The formation of waves and areas of resistance support levels indicates an increase in purchases. Thus, the analyst reports that the best time to buy is when the COTI price is around $0.275, which indicates a minimum price. In addition, COTI attracts attention with a daily decline of 9% and a weekly and monthly increase of almost 19%.

Holo (HOTLY)

Holo, another altcoin on the analysts’ list, is known as a peer-to-peer distributed platform created using Holochain to develop dApps that do not require blockchain technology. Holo aims to provide an ecosystem and market where dApps are readily available.

Although this Holo goal has not yet been fully accepted, the analyst claims that it is the best time to buy a HOT token. The analyst reports that Holo is promoting the fifth wave, and its price will rise. In addition to this, HOT stands out for a decline of more than 5.5% in the last 24 hours and a monthly price increase of almost 40%.

Stella (XLM)

The latest altcoin proposed by the analyst is Stella (XLM). Stella planned to offer monetary solutions without the need for banks. But due to the fact that banks are slowly implementing Web3 and blockchain technologies, Stella may suffer. However, the analyst claims that Stella will turn around from falling prices. XLM fell by about 5% in a one-day survey, and the price rose by more than 14% in a month.

The information contained in this article is not investment advice. Investors should be aware that cryptocurrencies have high volatility and therefore risk, and should execute their transactions according to their own research.