Analysts Confirm: 2022 Will Be The Year of 4 Altcoins!


DeFi protocols posted triple-digit gains over the past year, driven by increased capital inflows, activity and interest from investors. Analysts have predicted a bull run for altcoin projects Aave, Curve Dao, Yearn Finance and Sushi Swap in 2022. Let’s take a look at the details of these predictions.

Analysts predict DeFi rally in 2022

Our first analyst, Top Tick Crypto, predicts further growth in DeFi altcoin prices. Alongside the increase in prices, there is an increase in the number of active users and the locked value (TVL) of the protocol. Top Tick Crypto cites the best examples in this tweet:

Defi altcoin projects have not stopped developing due to a bear market. They have reached their peak market values ​​and only growth has cooled. SPELL, CVX, etc. Low-volume and high-potential altcoins such as When the market value is low and the growth rate is high, there is always an opportunity!

Defi coins didn’t stop working because of a defi bear market. They just reached really high market caps and growth stalled. When coins appeared with lower caps and higher growth ( $SPELL, $CVX, etc) those coins did well.

Always opportunity when market cap low and growth high!

— Top Tick Crypto 🇪🇹🦇🔊 (@toptickcrypto) December 24, 2021

Altcoin Sherpa shares Aave’s potentials

In the past two weeks, Aave price has gained over 50%. The AAVE/USD pair has continued its upward momentum, breaking the uptrend over the past few weeks. Analysts believe that an RSI breakout or $300 support in the short term will mean a continuation of the uptrend.

DeFi short-term leap; I doubt this is sustainable. The overall market structure still looks bad and I think I want to go out around $300.

The Twitter account Venturefounder responds to Sherpa’s analysis:

AAVE has a lot to prove at this point. It’s too soon to say “this time is different”, price action above $300 will be revealing.

Locked total value (TVL) considered market cap has increased severalfold for Aave, Curve Dao and Sushi Swap. Growth in total value locked in is considered a sign of investors’ bullish outlook. Michaël van de Poppe, a crypto analyst and YouTuber, predicts that 2022 could be the year of DeFi tokens:

AAVE, CRV, YFI, SUSHI. 2022 will be the year of DeFi, and the recent big leap has given the first signs.