Analysts Comment On Bitcoin (BTC) Rising To $ 17,000


Bitcoin (BTC), during the day; It managed to break the $ 17,000 level by continuing the rise that it started yesterday. BTC climbed to $ 17,073 after surpassing $ 17,000, but then experienced a slight decline. The leading cryptocurrency was trading at $ 16,983, according to CoinMarketCap data at the time of writing.

So what do the cryptocurrency community and analysts say about this move of Bitcoin?

Plan B, which has become popular with the S2F model, stated that Bitcoin had 7 ounces of gold last month, which is equivalent to 9 ounces of gold this month.

Speaking yesterday about the rise of Bitcoin, analyst Josh Rager stated that BTC wants to reach $ 17,000. Rager succeeded in his prediction. Apart from Rager, Crypto Michael also made a video and explained his expectations. Michael states that 2017 and the current situation are different. The analyst also said he expects a correction in the bitcoin price. Michael uses the following statements:

“Guys, yes, I expect a rise in Bitcoin in the long term, don’t worry. It is possible to have different views in the short and long term. ”

Michael also mentions that the next major resistance area is around $ 17,500. Another analyst JJcycles stated that Bitcoin is ready to beat $ 20,000.

Another important name of the cryptocurrency community and Bitcoin advocate Anthony Pompliano stated that BTC experienced an increase of 137% in 2020.

Crypto Kemal, one of the leading names in the local cryptocurrency community, stated that Bitcoin will either enter the correction or increase to $ 20,000. Crypto Kemal used the following statements:

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“Greetings to all, Bitcoin has come to the region of $ 17,000, which we have been telling for months … Between 17100 – 17200 will either go into correction or go to 20k … Altcoins are waiting for Bitcoin to settle. You can follow the breakdown of the trend in the dominance chart for the rise of ALTBTC parities.”


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