Analysts Comment: Ethereum Price May Rise Soon


High-following cryptocurrency trader ChaseNL shared a graphical analysis of the Ethereum price on Twitter. The trader suggested that Ethereum (ETH) could rise to $ 412, triggering a massive rally.

ChaseNL has targeted $ 412 for ETH regarding the chart it shares for Ethereum (ETH) price. According to the analyst, Ethereum managed to break through the $ 370 resistance level at $ 395. This was interpreted by the analyst as an indication that ETH could go up to $ 412.


There are other experts who comment positively on ETH

At Newsbtc, Nick Chong shared an analysis of ChaseNL’s comment. In his analysis, he stated that the ETH chart reached a significant bullish level for the ETHBTC pair and that this rise also signaled a big rise against the US dollar. Chong’s sign for this rise is ETH’s retracement of the $ 300 support point. According to the analyst, if Ethereum manages this, a rally may come soon.

Underlining that it should not be forgotten that there is a possibility of a decrease in Ethereum, Chong added that some experts have said that a number of factors such as a price correction in Bitcoin, weakness in the stock market, US elections and the upward trend of DXY can negatively affect the price of ETH.

Additionally, analyst Crypto Michael also made a comment for the Ethereum price. The analyst said there could be a jump in Ethereum based on the ETHBTC chart data he shared.


In CoinGecko data, it is seen that ETH is currently at the level of $ 385.65. When looking at its performance in the last 24 hours, it is stated that the highest value for ETH is $ 402.09.

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