Analyst: This Altcoin is in Beast Mode! Could Be an Epic Rally


Cryptocadem founder and market analyst Justin Bennett says leading altcoin project Ethereum is in “monster mode” and could make an “epic rally”. Let’s take a quick look at Bennett’s latest analysis…

Justin Bennett details rally prospects

Popular Twitter analyst Justin Bennett says that Ethereum is now in “full beast mode” after exiting a bullish continuation pattern against Bitcoin (ETH/BTC):

Currently, Ethereum is climbing above 0.082 BTC ($4,138.70). The target is 0.10-0.11 BTC ($5,047.20 – $5,551.92) so there is still room to move higher in the next few weeks. The target for the January breakout is 0.16 BTC ($8,075.52).

Analyst says leading altcoin project remains strong despite recent drop

ETH/BTC is currently trading at 0.085 BTC, indicating a 90% bullish potential if the pair hits Bennett’s second target. As for Ethereum against the dollar, the crypto strategist says the second-largest cryptocurrency by market cap still looks strong even after a deep correction last weekend: