Analyst Shared 3 Ways To Win In The Bitcoin Bear Market!


Trying to find financial freedom through cryptocurrencies when the market is tough? This bear market will not last for many years. It’s still possible at some point to recover and be back in the direction we want to go by the end of this year.

3 tips for bitcoin bear market

Patience. The first thing you need to do to survive a bear market is to be patient. You have to understand that this is not a quick process. This is a long game, full of excitement. It is exciting that the price goes up when people enter the market. They’re so excited and can’t really deal with it anymore when prices drop. The last person standing wins. Realism. The second way is that you have to be realistic. There are things that really put people off in a bear market. You will constantly hear stories of Bitcoin going to $100,000 or $200,000. Ethereum is going to make a big comeback and rally big, you’re going to hear about these things. Be realistic! There is a possibility of falling. The thing to keep in mind is when the chart becomes a good model it is time to say yes.

Pay attention and collect. According to the analyst, the third and most important thing you can do to survive in a bear market is to pay attention and save. When you see the price of some altcoins drop by 70%, it’s a delicious opportunity. But you have to be careful, the analyst advises, “know when to jump in, focus, be careful with that investment and take the best chance”. According to him, people who are not angry today are people who have been buying since 2020 and before because no matter where BTC goes, you are still largely in profit. You have to be careful that you have to collect these coins, says the analyst. You have the opportunity to go back and collect these at really low prices, good price points for these to start accumulating in a bear market.