Analyst Selects 7 Metaverse Coins: 2022 Will Be The Year of Metaverse!


Widely followed strategist and investor JrKripto comes to the fore with his chosen metaverse coin projects. JrKripto, the founder of a financial education community focused on cryptocurrencies called Crypto Academia, shares his metaverse projects for his followers to gain financial freedom. In his tweet yesterday, the analyst again drew attention to the altcoins he had previously highlighted.

JrKripto continues to draw attention to metaverse coin projects

As we reported as Somanews, JrKripto received praise from another famous analyst, Paradotor, with his tweet featuring metaverse coins. Paradotor stated that “JrKripto is getting people to buy from the right place in terms of metaverse projects.” JrKripto continued to draw attention especially to 7 altcoins in his latest tweet. Analyst’s “2022 will be the Year of the Metaverse!” The altcoins he shared with his statements are as follows:

Decentraland (MANA)

The Sandbox (SAND)

Radio Caca (RACA)

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

aura (AURY)


Starlink (STARL)

Metaverse became an area that gained momentum when Facebook changed its name to “Meta” and determined that it would carry out studies in this area and focus on this area. This move, which made a worldwide impact, also spread to the crypto money field. Ecosystems focusing on metaverse projects and altcoin projects operating in these ecosystems have risen sharply. The altcoins that JrKripto deals with are also prominent projects in this field.

At the time of writing, the coins on the list are Decentraland (MANA) $3.37, The Sandbox (SAND) $4.98, Radio Caca (RACA) $0.00032, Star Atlas (ATLAS) $0.12, Aurory (AUR) $13.21, Ovr (OVR) It changes hands at $2.49 and StarLink $0.000042.