Analyst Reveals Two Altcoins That Could Explode


A well-known crypto strategist and trader says he’s staring at two low-value altcoins. Josh Rager says he expects a boom in new crypto projects created by a mysterious figure known as Bill Drummond.

Altcoins Regulate the Supply and Demand Balance

Tokens of Babel (TOB) is an Ethereum-based asset that brings a new twist to cryptocurrency burns called resale. The idea is to burn TOB tokens when certain conditions are met while maintaining the owner’s share of the total supply. Investors who own 5% of the supply will always have 5% of the supply, but the number of tokens in circulation will decrease, making it more expensive for new owners to buy TOB.

As for Antiample, the unique use case of the token is to constantly destroy cryptocurrencies and see the impact of deflationary forces. If the value of the XAMP falls, the supply of the crypto asset is reduced to increase the value of the coin. Technically speaking, Rager says he believes both XAMP and TOB are ready to reach their all-time highs.

Meanwhile, the crypto trader says he believes Chainlink can continue its rise as long as it can regain a key level. In addition to Chainlink, Rager expects a rise in Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). The analyst also expects Zcash (ZEC) and YF Link (YFL) to continue their rise as long as Bitcoin can stay above $ 10,500.

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