Analyst Identify 6 Coins: Here are Metaverse and Altcoin Predictions!


Popular crypto analyst Lark Davis says that while listing the bullish factors for 6 metaverse and altcoin projects, the appetite of big investors is just beginning to rise. Let’s take a look at Davis’s latest analysis.

Lark Davis kicks off with market impact of ETF news

The popular analyst first thinks that US regulators will approve a Bitcoin spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) in 2022. He also believes that until the launch of a full-fledged Bitcoin ETF, the market will continue to rise and then decline. The analyst interprets the chart shaped by ETF developments as follows:

For reference, before the spot ETF was approved, gold rallied strongly, followed by a one-year bearish prices, followed by (one) multi-year mega-rally.

The important thing is the transition to the PoS mechanism, triple halving and sharding distribution, which will speed up ETH transactions by 3 or 4 times. ETH remains the king of smart contracts, so it has an impact on the entire market.

Lark Davis adds 2 more altcoin projects

Other promising smart contract platforms will also play an important role, according to the analyst. Davis takes a look at these altcoin projects:

Polkadot and Cardano are starting to attract even more money to the market. Avalanche, Polygon, ETH L2 and Solana will continue to grow. These blockchains are just getting started. Also, all major blockchains have committed billions of dollars in ecosystem incentives.

Analyst touches on future of metaverse market

Davis says the game and metaverse tokens are on the verge of a big bang:

The games will bring in tens of millions or more of new users. Metaverse is a future multi-trillion dollar industry. It’s hard to tell how big this will be and we have a lot of game and metaverse launches in 2022.

Finally, Davis argues that big investors are just starting to get into crypto. The analyst concludes with:

Big investors are now figuring out that this is the opportunity of 100 years. Also, with the rise in inflation, the crypto trend has eased. We’re already seeing a large number of hundreds of million dollar fundraisers.