Analyst Evaluates Latest Situation in Loopring: Will the Uptrend in LRC Continue?


Cryptocurrency analyst Kevin Svenson evaluated the current technical outlook in the market and the upward momentum in Loopering (LRC) in a post on his Twitter account. The analyst argued that if the market catches a strong upward momentum, the LRC may exhibit a very high price performance in 2022.

Analyst Points to Upside Potential in LRC

The cryptocurrency analyst expressed his positive thoughts about Loopring, stating that if the market recovers, the LRC can exhibit a very high price performance. The analyst pointed to the important steps taken by the project team and made some claims about the possible price performance of the LRC in the coming months. Arguing that if the market gains a strong upward momentum, the LRC will record a very high price performance, adding that LRC may be among the cryptocurrencies with the highest rate of increase in value in 2022.

Ascension Acceleration in LRC

Loopring announced in a post on its official Twitter account yesterday afternoon that the beta version of the GameStop NFT marketplace has been launched on Loopring L2. With the news calming down, the LRC gained a strong upward momentum. LRC experienced a nearly 40% increase in value within hours and reached price levels of $1.21. LRC, which retreated a little with its latest price movements, started to trade at the price levels of $ 1.12.

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