Analyst Draws Attention to These 9 Altcoins: They Are Going To Targets!


Analyst and trader Enes Turan, who is popular in the Turkish crypto market, shared 9 altcoin projects that he said will reach their goals in the coming months to his 760,000 followers on his Twitter account.

Altcoin projects shared by the analyst

Popular analyst Enes Turan claims that the next two months will be the four horsemen of the apocalypse: Holo (HOT), Swipe (SXP), Looks Rare (LOOKS), and Radio Caca (RACA). The analyst also says that everything will be very good for Auto (AUTO), Bakery Token (BAKE), Reef (REEF), Flamingo (FLM) and Newscrypto (NWC). Enes Turan states that he believes that the altcoin projects he chooses will achieve their goals.

Holo (HOT) is a peer-to-peer distributed platform built using Holochain to host decentralized applications. It eliminates the requirement of using Blockchain technology to develop DApps. The purpose of the Holo protocol is to serve as a bridge between applications developed by network participants using Holochain and the wider area of ​​the internet, by providing an ecosystem and marketplace where decentralized applications are easily accessible.

Swipe is a platform that seeks to bridge the realms of fiat and cryptocurrency with its API designed to create global payment cards powered by the native SXP token. Swipe also has an on-chain product called Swipe Swap, an Automated Market Maker powered by Swipechain and forked by Uniswap, SushiSwap, and THORchain.

Looks Rare (LOOKS) is the token that powers LookRare, the community-driven NFT marketplace that actively rewards traders and creators for participation. 100% of LookRare’s platform trading fees are earned by LOOKS token stakers. Users earn LOOKS tokens by trading NFT on LookRare, staking LOOKS and more.

Radio Cac (RACA) is the native token of Universal Metaverse (USM). Radio Caca is also the exclusive director of “Maye Musk Mystery Box” NFT. USM Lab is the creator of the USM and P2E Blockchain game. Universal Metaverse is a 3D Planet virtual world where users can own land, build buildings such as shops and art galleries, create and play games.