Analyst Announces Stake Coins That Will Mark 2022!


After taking a look at 5 potential play-to-win platforms by Thoa Tran, a close follower of Metaverse projects, let’s examine the staking coins with the highest annual return rates. In this article, we list the staking returns of huge volume altcoins like Terra and Solana from analyst Tanvir Zafar’s list.

Here are the staking coins that can be followed closely in 2022

Terra (LUNA), an open-source stablecoin network, has reached ATH with $20.05 billion in total value locked across 13 product offerings, according to industry data. On December 1, Terra’s TVL was $11.9 billion, marking a 68% increase in less than a month. This means that its users have invested large sums in the protocol to receive staking rewards. Also, the annual staking reward is about 12.10%, so according to the analyst, Terra may be the first choice for those looking for stake coins.

It is the youngest JEDSTAR project among the stake coins on the list. Here, concepts such as copyright for NFT artists; mining through a mobile app to enable low-economic populations to generate income; Assurance services such as anti ‘pump and dump’ mechanisms are provided. The annual return of the project is 120.000% with 20-day lock-in periods.

PancakeSwap is a popular staking platform that allows users to stake CAKE. Other types of tokens can be earned by staking CAKE. Compared to platforms like Ethereum, transaction fees with BSC are quite low. The annual return calculated for CAKE varies between 31-42%.

SHIB was designed as Dogecoin’s biggest competitor. Decentralized exchange ShibaSwap provides staking and farming pools for SHIB. Rewards are distributed with BONE tokens. On the ShibaSwap exchange, SHIB holders can re-stake their rewards and access various instruments such as NFT or liquidity mining.

Solana is an efficient blockchain designed with scalability in mind. This scalability is ensured by Solana’s low fees and fast transactions. Most transactions on the network are completed within a few seconds. The annual rate of return in Solana varies between 7-11%.