Analyst Announces: We Can See an Increase in Bitcoin This Week


After Bitcoin fell to the $ 8,700 level, it started to rise again and as of now has reached above $ 8,800. Although BTC’s upward trend towards $ 9,000 hopes some of the investors, the resistance point located here may bring down to $ 8,700 down again.

Bitcoin Trend Is Not Broken
Mati Greenspan, one of the leading cryptocurrency analysts, thinks that there will be no fear and that the leading cryptocurrency has been fighting well over the weekend, and that this will continue. Greenspan hinted that Bitcoin could go up as the stock exchanges in the US became a risky investment again.

By looking at the graph of Greenspan, it can be seen that the targeted level is $ 10,400. If BTC can break support at $ 10,400, we can witness a serious FOMO in price.


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