Analyst Announces Adventure to Rise Bitcoin to $ 100,000


Max Keizer, founder of Heisenberg Capital, is definitely bullish about the future of Bitcoin (BTC). He thinks that the cryptocurrency will not resist $ 20,000 and can continue to grow until it reaches $ 28,000. Finally, he noted that Bitcoin could launch a new bull towards $ 100,000 after a short decline in the $ 28,000 region.

Max Keizer Believes in Big Bitcoin Bull Running

Thinking that Bitcoin could start moving towards $ 100,000 in a journey that could not find resistance up to $ 28,000, Keizer explained his views as follows:

“The $ 20,000 level for Bitcoin does not seem to be any resistance. We will not see any resistance up to $ 28,000. Following a short retreat, the attack on the $ 100,000 target will begin with a renewed force. ”

Coinage Madness May Boost Bitcoin Price

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, countries around the world, including developing and developed countries, have decided to print large sums of money and press for lower interest rates. This printing may lead to higher inflation rates and the loss of individuals’ savings.

In recent days and weeks, Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies have experienced a huge increase in prices. The same thing happened for other altcoins that have been rising in recent weeks.

The market seems to be in an uptrend, when digital assets can begin to rise and record new highs. Many users and analysts believe that the whole market has entered a bullish trend this year or the next year, which may lead to an all-time high.

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