Analyst Ambitious: XRP Can Start Celebrity Rally


According to the comments of one of the recognized cryptocurrency analysts, XRP, the third largest cryptocurrency by total market value, may be very close to starting its legendary rally, which is seen once a year.

The analyst pointed out that during this rally, XRP almost doubled its price and stated that this increase has been experienced at least once every year.

XRP was actually doing this typical rally before the Swell conference, usually organized by Ripple. However, there was no such rally before the Swell conference in 2019, and XRP investors thought that this effect may have ended now. Looking at the XRP chart, it is seen that the price has increased to coincide with previous Swell conferences.

The pump, which XRP lived independently of Swell in 2019, increased the price by 50%. Especially in the days when Bitcoin hesitated after a serious rise, the rise of XRP to such a rally can revive all altcoins.


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