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The baldest guy in the world, but also the most beloved in the gaming world is back. Agent 47 returns in the third and final game of the “World of Assassination” saga that began in 2016. In the new plot, which, as you might imagine, is a direct continuation of the events of HITMAN 2, 47 and his partner Diana Burnwood, if they teamed up with Lucas Gray and hacker Olivia Hall to take down once and for all the organization “Providence”, which secretly controls the direction of the planet.

The first two games in the franchise were already great, right here at VOXEL they received scores 85 and 90 respectively. Does the third game maintain this winning line of notes? Prepare your mufflers and tourniquets and let’s go to the analysis of HITMAN 3.

Also check out our video analysis below:


Right away, the first thing that we can talk about HITMAN is that it is a continuation that does not bring so many differences in gameplay like the previous chapters, this is not bad, since as I said, both are great games. In the first mission, the game already presents you with new mechanics, the use of a cell phone camera to hack some devices, such as windows and doors with electronic openings, or scan objects to acquire more information – besides of course, well, taking Photos.


But otherwise, everything is perfectly recognizable to anyone who has played the previous games. Even if you haven’t played, it’s good to play. As this third part is a direct continuation, those who have not played will be very lost. The game even has a very complete presentation video, called “Story So Far”, which summarizes everything, but whoever played it will have a more complete idea of ​​what is happening.

To make things even better for those who played the previous games, HITMAN 3 allows you to load your progress, including missions (with a slight graphic upgrade such as improved reflexes and other details for those playing on the new generation consoles), as well as weapons , tools and challenges unlocked.


Well, at the beginning the IO Interactive website had a little problem to get the information, so I had to start without that force. But then, the problem was solved and I managed to load all my progress from the previous games.

Graphics and performance

Let’s talk about graphics, the game itself is beautiful, during the missions, you can see the care with the details that the developer kept, despite a strange little thing or another, like a little texture disconnected from the rest, but nothing that detracts from the beauty of these scenarios, the details of light and shadow, the reflections, the effects of the rain water in the 47, are impressive … and seriously … LOOK AT THAT GLOWING HEAD! What man, no?


I played the game on a PS5 (since my previous campaign was made on Sony platforms), on that console, the game runs at 1800p (yes, eighteen hundred, not thousand and eighty) with 60 fixed fps, I never noticed any frame drop, even in LOTS of people, that is, in terms of performance the game is impeccable.

However, when we watch the cutscenes, we see that it seems that the same care was not given. The facial animations of some characters seem very strange, and the quality of the image decreases, it even seems to add a “noise” effect to the cutscenes that leaves everything with an “old gen” aspect. This causes a bit of awkwardness because during gameplay in the missions the game is stunning and when we move to the cutscenes the difference in quality is great, so the impact on my perception was quite abrupt.


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