Analysis: Creaks. Amanita Design’s excellent puzzle game


We analyze Creaks, the new proposal of Amanita Design, creators of the masterful Machinarium or Botanicula, who offer us an excellent game of puzzles and platforms that are very varied and superb at an audiovisual level.

There are studies that, given the immaculate nature of their career, make us very excited with each announcement of a new title that they are going to launch. The small independent studio Amanita Design is undoubtedly one of the greatest exponents of the aforementioned. The Czechs have been flying the flag of creativity, imagination and daydream since 2003 to offer us a list of superb video games that have made us enjoy themselves in style. Firstly they surprised us with an attractive point and click browser adventure, the original Samorost. After the continuation of this launched in 2005, it would be in 2009 when they would launch their first masterpiece, that wonderful Machinarium that helped revitalize the genre of graphic adventure, which began to rise from the grave after years where it was presumed dead and buried. This beautiful adventure starring an endearing little robot was also one of the mainstays of the assault on the foreground of the video game sector that gave up the then emerging independent sector of it.

In 2012 the Czechs presented us with Botanicula, another wonderful point and click in a beautiful and original environment that invited us to experiment with everything around us and surprised us at every step with the consequences of it. Four years later, we enjoyed a successful closing of the Samorost trilogy, and finally in 2018 we were surprised again with the delicious interactive comedy starring a hyperactive hairball, that Chuchel that took our hearts. With this history, it is not surprising the enormous emotion we feel when Amanita announced her next project, this fantastic Creaks that we are dealing with today.

The mysterious underground castle.

The adventure we will enjoy begins in the room of our anonymous protagonist, a young man of whom we know nothing. Suddenly, after slight tremors, he discovers on one of the walls of his room a passageway to an ominous underground world, where he will visit a kind of castle of cyclopean proportions. In addition to some dangers that we will talk about later, and which give the title its name, this place is inhabited by bird beings of anthropomorphic forms. Shortly after arriving at such a surprising place, we see how the castle is being attacked by a gigantic creature, and the efforts of the bird men and women to avoid greater evils. Our mission will be to get to the bottom of the castle and find out what’s going on. As usual in her works, Amanita does not present us with an argument of cosmic proportions or that tries to change our lives. On the contrary, it offers us a simple and direct story, but as they always manage to do in a masterful way, they manage to immerse us in the universe of their proposal and make us part of it as only the brilliant Czech studio knows how to do. They also offer us a series of characters with which the player connects immediately, and all without using the most direct line of dialogue or any kind of artifice, as they have always done.


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