Anahí and Christian Chávez sing “Sálvame” together.


Once again Anahí surprises her followers, singing with her friend Christian Chávez reviving her song Sálvame from the group RBD

Juntos Anahí y Christian Chávez cantan

Two celebrities of the year 2004 Anahí and Christian Chávez have surprised their followers after they sang together the song “Sálvame” from the RBD group they were part of a few years ago.

It was in 2004 when a telenovela called “Rebelde” was launched, starring Christopher Uckermann, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Anahí, Christian Chávez and Alfonso Herrera.

The RBD phenomenon becomes a success so much so that the telenovela lasted approximately two years, it was launched on October 4, 2004 and the last episode was shared on June 2, 2006, there were approximately three seasons, with a total of 440 episodes.

Many claimed that the Netflix series Elite was based on Televisa’s telenovela Rebelde, since in both they spoke of an elitist school where the students were from high society, however on some occasions they accepted low-income students, although the plot is totally different, some say that it is a copy of the telenovela, however, it seems that Elite received even more recognition than the telenovela itself.

Thanks to the success that Rebelde had, the protagonists decided to launch a group called RBD, having success after success from 2004 to 2009 among some of the iconic songs are “Sálvame”, Just stay in silence and Rebelde among others. These were the ones that won the most awards.


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♬ original sound – Anahí

Until today the single “Sálvame” is listening to social networks, this song is performed by Anahí, over the years it has become an icon of music in Mexico, also released in other languages ​​such as Portuguese .

Maybe you remember the video where he appears in the group in a snowy environment and with northern hats, something quite cool for that time.

The members of RBD have maintained a very good relationship over the years, especially Anahí and Christian Chávez who surprised today by making a collaboration through Tik tok.

Users immediately began to write their surprise in the publication that was made on Twitter, and it is that as you will remember the group will sing together again to commemorate the 10 years of their goodbye, this will be through an online concert.

Despite how excited their followers are, the group will not have the presence of Alfonso Herrera and Dulce María, this for personal reasons of the celebrities despite the fact that it will not be the same without them, users are excited by the news they will hear the melodies aloud again next December.

It was Anahí who made a challenge on Tik Tok to sing the RBD song together, hundreds of users began to make the second one, including his great friend Christian Chávez.

Despite the fact that several years have passed since their separation and that each one has matured both professionally and personally, as they have formed families, they continue with their careers and each one is successful in their own way, who could say that they have stood out a little more than all is Alfonso Herrera and Maite Perroni as both are recognized actors in the film and television industry.

There is no doubt that always remembering a success or past musical phenomena brings back very good memories not only to the performers but also to the public, who at the time when hearing the names of celebrities and their songs.

Despite the fact that the video immediately went viral, the first to share it was precisely Christian Chávez on his Tik tok account.


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