Ana De Armas shared a stunning BTS look at herself in the image of Marilyn Monroe when the new trailer for “Blonde” was released


The story is about to go down in history, as Ana de Armas’ drama about Marilyn Monroe “Blonde” is about to be released as the first Netflix original film with an NC-17 rating. A milestone like this makes people wonder what they will see in this intense account of the late Hollywood legend’s life and career.

This curiosity only intensified after the first trailer for “Blonde” was presented. Now that we have taken another look at the new film directed by Andrew Dominick, recently released to the public, as well as the stunning images of de Armas on set, the picture has become a little clearer.

Even with what we know about the Blonde, watching new footage only makes the whole experience both more exciting and devastating. Thanks to the fact that Netflix (opens in a new tab) showed this fresh trailer, the world of Ana de Armas’ performance has been expanded to tease the finished product.

Moving from joy to pain, from Marilyn to Norma Jean, the new shots of the Blonde show some of the further artistic techniques that Andrew Dominic used to emphasize this duality. Switching the aspect ratio, the combination of black-and-white and color photography enhance the double life that, according to Ana de Armas, Marilyn Monroe lives.

These transitions are effective in this video above when we see memorable and tragic moments from Monroe’s life. When Monroe from de Armas and Joe DiMaggio from Bobby Cannavale sit together at a table, their meeting gives the impression that Marilyn expresses her torment and pain in conversation. The moments are both cruel and bittersweet: at one moment Ana de Armas frolics on the beach, and at another she harms herself on the screen.

While we have a new trailer for the film adaptation of the historical fantasy novel by Joyce Carol Oates, Ana de Armas also promoted “Blonde” in her own way. On her Instagram account, the star of the film shared behind-the-scenes photos from different moments of filming.

In these photos, both in black and white and in bright color, we can also see more of the Blonde cast in action with Ana de Armas. Featuring Adrian Brody and Bobby Cannavale as Arthur Miller and Joe DiMaggio respectively, de Armas is pictured with her two on-screen husbands in what look like tender moments. Knowing how this movie approaches the all-too-real grief of Marilyn Monroe, this tenderness will last a very long time.

It doesn’t look like the world was more excited about the Blonde’s big debut, especially with Joyce Carol Oates’ already famous enthusiastic endorsement. Soon the world will see Ana de Armas in all her dramatic glory, as we won’t have to wait too long for the debut of this historical heartthrob.

The premiere of “Blonde” on Netflix will begin on September 28. Keep in mind that the film was rated NC-17 for “some sexual content”, so you should be careful before watching. In the meantime, you can see Ana de Armas in a different title from the Netflix movie schedule for 2022, as she is part of the “Grey Man” ensemble.


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