Ana De Armas has revealed why she wasn’t so excited to get knives out when she was first offered the role


Ana de Armas has been playing for some time, but it can be argued that her role in Ryan Johnson’s 2019 detective story “Get Knives” really made her a household name. Even as part of Johnson’s impressive ensemble cast, which included veterans such as Christopher Plummer, Jamie Lee Curtis and Michael Shannon), de Armas still shone brightly. However, it turned out that the actress almost passed the project, and she explained why.

In a recent interview with The Today Show, Ana de Armas said that initially she wasn’t thrilled about “Getting Knives Out” when she was asked to audition. This happened because of a key element related to her character. However, in the end, the actress changed her tune, as she explained:

If this was the only information Ana de Armas had about the film and her character at first, I can fully understand why she bypassed the project. The description sounds rather corny, and besides, historically Latin American stars have in many cases been limited to roles such as nurses and/or housekeepers. I think we should all be happy that she had the opportunity to read the script before making a final decision. The movie was very funny, and it wouldn’t have been the same without the empathetic but initially suspicious Marta Cabrera de Armas. De Armas was absolutely perfect in this role, and the film is better if she played it.

Since she starred in the critically acclaimed detective film, the star has worked on many other amazing projects, such as “No Time to Die” and “The Gray Man,” the latter of which allowed her to reunite with her colleague in the film “Get Knives” Chris Evans. Most recently, the 34-year-old actress turned into Marilyn Monroe for Andrew Dominic’s controversial film “Blonde”. Since its debut, the film has received average reviews, but the main character’s performance in the role of Monroe has been highly praised. And she could be in a better position to fight for an Oscar.

Ana de Armas’ “Get the Knives” suddenly became a hit, and eventually two sequels were launched. The first of these sequels is called “The Glass Bow: The Secret of Extracting Knives”, and this film has already managed to roll around the circle of film festivals. The first reviews of the sequel created by Netflix were very positive, so I personally can’t wait to watch it. However, Daniel Craig is returning with a new all-star cast that includes Edward Norton, Kate Hudson and Katherine Hahn, so fans definitely won’t be disappointed. Although de Armas will no longer appear as Marta, we can take comfort in the fact that she was able to get her role in the OG movie and made a significant impression.

You can see the performance of Ana de Armas in the movie “Blonde” by using the streaming of the film on a Netflix subscription. In addition, Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery will be released on the platform in December, so fans of the original have something to look forward to. For more information about what will be released in theaters or streaming later this year, check out the schedule of upcoming CinemaBlend movies.


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