Ana Cheri Pulled Her Magnificent Body Into A “Predatory” Dress


Ana Cheri pulled her magnificent body into a “predatory” dress: “you cannot hide such forms with anything” 33-year-old American fitness model boasted a new outfit to fans. Another shot of a star known for its frankness can be called relatively modest.

The sultry beauty from California, Ana Cheri, cannot live a day without posting on her Instagram page a frame that will deprive her loyal fans around the world for at least several hours

But this time, the girl decided to take a break with piquant photos in her underwear and limited herself to a picture in a long leopard dress. However, even in this case, the tongue does not turn modest to call a beauty outfit. A dress with a long sleeve tightly fits the magnificent figure of the star. The bottomless neckline, which does not hide the bust, and the long slit on the hip show Anu Cheri in all its glory.

In just six hours after publication, 110 thousand people marked the image of the star with likes, and this figure is constantly growing.

As you know, the girl is one of the three highest paid models of lingerie and swimwear on Instagram. Today, over 12.4 million people around the world have signed up to her page.

For 13 years of modeling career, the girl managed to visit the pages of the magazines Muscle & Fitness, Sports Illustrated, Maxim. In February 2013, she received the title “Cybergirl of the Month” from Playboy magazine, and in October 2015 she became Playmate.

Earlier we wrote that on her page the girl published an immodest photo in which she poses in underwear, while the bra hardly holds the magnificent chest of the star.

Ana Cheri threw on a long knitted sweater.

As Somag reported, Ana Cheri showed what nature has awarded her.

You can follow her instagram page.

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