An unprecedented hack for Android, iOS and PC among us


Among Us is among the most played and commented games of the moment. He disputes that fame with Genshin Impact and Fall Guys. But, like any successful game, hacks soon appear. And yes, as incredible as it may be, many people seek out these cheating programs.

InnerSloth players are using a “modmenu”, that is, a form with an in-game cheat menu. He has several functions such as always being the imposter, speed hacker, releasing clothes, skins and pets and other functions.

However, it is not recommended to use the scammer program, since it violates the game’s policies. You can have your account banned. Besides, it’s not cool to use that kind of thing.


Many players from Among Us are complaining and asking the developer (InnerSloth) to do something about it. And yes, the company will take action against this problem.

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